University of Connecticut


UConn Hartford is the largest of the five regional campuses, designed to make the first years of a high quality college education affordable.

By living at home for their freshman and sophomore years, students save the costs of room and board while commuting to our attractive campus, conveniently located in West Hartford.

Keeping part-time jobs and community ties at home while participating in the academically and culturally diverse campus life of UConn Hartford allows students to enjoy a warm, accessible college environment which fully meets their educational needs.

At the campus in West Hartford, undergraduate students may begin their study in nearly 100+ academic majors available at the University and easily transition to the Storrs Campus to complete their program. Some degrees can be completed at UConn Hartford as well. 

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, comments or concerns you may have; or if you need to request a campus tour. You can also call us at 860.570.9310.